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Hello World / Hi everyone 😉

I had a busy week, but today has ended. If someone does not know how it is in Polish office  JIG (google translate)  – I do not recommend it. I think that most of the people working there, do not like to help others.

In this week I broke down my computer. Uhh – ahh another great news!  😀

Now I want to buy a new one but I still I have a battle in my head. Witch one is good for developing? With operating system is better Linux or OSX?  I wonder about the MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 15, or Asus UX410? If you know & wont to help me please text me, comment, or sent a email.

Recently I installed the operating system on my old one. I configure the programs, browsers, IDE, and copy the files from broken PC. Later I have to go to the store touch and see the new one.

Thanks 4 visit & see U soon.



“Hello World”

Hi Everyone ,’)

A few days ago, I decided to start a new freaky blog called ‘Cappuchino Code whit upTownBoy’.

I think  it’s a great idea!

#1 I’ll start writing in English.

#2 I’ll do programming project, that I have in my head.

& the most important!
#3  I’ll join in the contest called:


One person motivate me and contribute me to doing this stuff. You can read about blogger  Maciej Aniserowicz  at devstyle.pl.

Big thanks for Him.


See you soon & thank you 4 visit my site  ,’)